Endless Summer

I am sitting at my desk listening to the rain pelting down outside and counting the days until I fly to the Algarve for a (ahem) business trip.

I always try to avoid the peak season, not least because flights are so blooming expensive. It can also be a bit overwhelming and not as relaxing as intended when surrounded by lots of families with children and of course the July and August heat can be almost too much at times.


There is no doubt that September and October are the nicest times to visit the Algarve. Temperatures are near perfect and everyone has just a little bit more time for tourists. Restaurants are less busy, you can actually see the sand on the beaches and strangely, the ocean is warmer.

Flight prices, villas and hire cars all come down in price so if you aren’t governed by school holidays it is the perfect time to travel.

How about this beautiful property for a cheeky week at Vivenda Maria – one of my personal favourites.

Many of our villas are available for long weekends so if you have used up most of your holiday allowance you can still escape for a last blast of sunshine.

I can’t wait – maybe I will see you there and we can enjoy a Caiparinha or two together. Oh no, I forgot, mine is a business trip!