June, July and September Discounts at Dar Albar


Villa in portugal

We are happy to be offering a 25% discount on our Dar Albar villa property throughout June & July, with a separate discount of 15% off during September.

One of our most impressive properties, this cliff-top villa boasts 180-degree views of the coastline and sea, a traditional Moorish décor, and facilities ranging from Wireless Internet, kitchen appliances (Washing machine, dishwasher), and a swimming pool.

Arguably the villa’s greatest asset is the patio area, a great viewing platform for seeing the Atlantic Ocean, as well as the surroundings beaches and gardens.

The villa is located to the west of Albufeira, an area ideal for young people or families, with the villa located near shops, bars, restaurants, beaches and the nightlife. With 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, the villa is great for larger groups of young people or for big families.

If you want to see the villa in all its glory, you can enjoy a short video on YouTube showcasing the property here.

If you are interested in taking advantage of our latest discount, get in touch with us straight away by either visiting our contact page, or by sending us a message to mail@thevillaagency.co.uk. We can also discuss the area and the villa with you if you would like more information – just call us on +44 (0) 1273 747811 to speak with one of the team.

Looking for something different? We also have July discounts running on other properties too, such as 25% off our Casa Piscarreta villa in Porches, while you can take a look at our offers page to view our full list of discounts and deals available for this summer.


Don’t let Villa Parade rain on you – rescue your holiday with The Villa Agency

It’s the nightmare scenario – you think you have your holiday sorted for good, only for the carpet to be pulled from under your feet and having to start booking again from scratch.

With Villa Parade going into liquidation recently, many have been devastated to find their holiday plans scuppered. So it’s perhaps natural to feel cautious when it comes to booking holidays with a rental agency, especially when horror-story anecdotes have suggested that rental companies have accepted bookings without paying the villa owners, resulting in families showing up only to find themselves kicked out of their villas!

A beach on the Algarve

However, there’s no need to despair, we have a number of good reasons why you can trust us to get your holiday back on track:


  • We have been established since 1984 – and in this time The Villa Agency has been offering quality villa properties and a proactive, organised service for our customers. Simply put, we are one of the longest-running, most dependable villa rental companies in the UK.


  • We have good, working relationships directly with villa owners, formed over the course of three decades.


  • All of our villas are regularly checked to ensure correct standards are maintained.


  • We are financially protected and fully bonded with ATOL and ABTOT, meaning that following your booking, you know your money is safe at all times. For further details, click here.


Villa Parade was bonded through ABTA, so you will get your money back; however this might take a little time. To ease this pain, if you rebook with us you can pay your holiday in monthly instalments between now and 4 weeks before you travel. And we are happy to arrange any extras for you – just ask us by calling +44 (0) 1273 747811, messaging us at mail@thevillaagency.co.uk, or you can fill in one of our enquiry forms on our contact page.

Book with the Villa Agency now to rescue your summer holiday!





Save on Rural Coastal Portuguese Retreats This Summer


As a family run company catering for family holidays, we have plenty of experience when it comes to providing for a family’s holiday needs.

Now, with the holiday season fast approaching, we have on offer a number of fantastic rural villas that all the family can enjoy, all surrounded by golden beaches and tranquil countryside, complete with spectacular rooftop terrace views.

Firstly, we have the Villa Saragoça in peaceful Boliqueime, in the Algarve region of Portugal. This is available with a 25% discount for all weeks outside of peak season, and with a 20% discount during the high season. With its country setting, the villa is in a quiet hillside spot, relatively secluded from the busy tourist areas, and boasting truly stunning views of Faro to the east, and Portimão to the west.

portuguese coastal villas

Traditional in décor, yet with all modern conveniences (a dishwasher, washing machine and Wi-Fi are all inside) the whole family can have a splash in the villa’s 10×4 metre outdoor pool, while a Television/DVD player can keep the kids entertained during the quieter siesta periods.

Additionally, throughout May, we have a 10% discount on the Casa de Nossa Senhora villa, based to the south of Lisbon in the picturesque town of Sesimbra. Able to cater for up to 12 people, this spacious villa is ideal for holidays with extended family, with six bedrooms on three levels and a pool which enjoys the most stunning sea views. 

 As only one of two houses on the street, the villa will ensure families a bit of peace and quiet, yet also has the convenience of being within easy access to charming town of Sesimbra itself.

If you are interested in our latest discounts, and want to discuss or book the best villa for you, you can contact the friendly Villa Agency team on 01273 747811, or visit our contact page to find out more.


“Albufeira: still a hot spot for 18-30 year olds.”


Albufeira holidays

Our Dar Albar villa

Once a quiet fishing village, Albufeira is now one of the Algarve’s most popular resorts, teeming with restaurants, shops, bars and vibrant nightlife. Ideal for young people looking for a fun holiday in the sun, or for families wanting an active holiday, Albufeira is a great, multi-faceted tourist destination. Here are just five of the best suggestions why you should consider a villa holiday to Albufeira:

  1. Full of tradition due to its winding cobbled streets, market stalls, and terrific seafood restaurants, the old town’s charm has been left undiminished. Shops selling local pottery, handicrafts, souvenirs and plenty of other local peculiarities can be spotted, alongside street artists and more besides; the area is always fascinating to have a wander through. 
  2. Albufeira has not one, but two impressive beaches to its name. Alongside Praia dos Pescadores (the Fisherman’s beach), Albufeira also has the Praia do Túnel, otherwise known as the ‘tunnel beach’, so called due to it being accessed through a tunnel through some cliffs! These sandy beaches have fantastic rock formations and are all within walking distance of our resorts!
  3. You can’t miss the Marina if you visit Albufeira. Vividly scenic, this stylish area is home to many a yacht. Plenty of opportunities for boat trips are available with sea fishing, dolphin safaris and diving expeditions all offered. Throughout the year, there are cafés, restaurants and an ice cream parlour to keep visitors entertained, while in the summer the Marina often hosts open-air concerts and fashion shows too.
  4. The Pinecliffs Golf course is only a short distance away from Albufeira, to the east in Olhos D’Água, and allows visitors to master their golfing skills in a pleasant, quiet environment. Well worth a visit!
  5. In contrast, the Albufeira strip is one of the most popular party destinations on the Algarve. The South side of the strip (Areias de São João) is full of bustling bars, shops, restaurants and tourists partying into the early hours, while the north side is relatively more sedate, occupied by wine bars and quieter restaurants.


Albufeira Strip

The Albufeira Strip

Since you now have plenty of reasons to visit, you can now check out our villas! We have a number of properties in the area that will suit families, couples and young groups of friends on holiday. Take a look at our Albufeira villas to see which one you fancy.

If you want to discuss which villa would be best for you, or even if you want to book, please do give us a call on 01273 747811, chat to us online via our website www.thevillaagency.co.uk or send us an email mail@thevillaagency.co.uk.



What does that mean to you? To us it means we are officially old. We started The Villa Agency in 1984 from a dark and windowless basement with a handful of villas in The Algarve, plus some in Italy, France and Spain.

Olhos d'Agua in 1980's

Olhos d’Agua in 1980’s

Over the years, the travel industry, and indeed The Algarve, has changed beyond recognition. In 1984 it was really only possible to go Portugal for 1 or 2 week holidays due to the very tight regulations surrounding package air travel. The Algarve was one of the most exclusive destinations in Europe, with a clientele to match; from movie stars to minor royalty. We prided ourselves on offering everyone, no matter what their background, a friendly and personalised service – that is one of the few things that hasn’t changed over the years!

There were only a small number of golf courses dotted along the coast – in those days golf was very much a rich man’s sport. It was advisable to learn a few useful phrases in Portuguese as English was not widely spoken. Indeed, when the first English Restaurant, The Beefeater Carvery, opened in Albufeira the local residents were apoplectic.

Albufeira and Carvoeiro were still fishing villages and Faro Airport was little more than a wooden shed. Hire cars were group A, B or C only and the choice was a Mini, Escort or Cortina.

Carvoeiro in 1980's

Carvoeiro in 1980’s

Communication was something of a challenge – pre mobile phones, computers and the internet we had to rely on telex machines or the occasional international call which had to be booked in advance. This usually involved shouting down the line and enduring a horrible delay before receiving the shouted response.

We have seen numerous villa rental companies come and go during the thirty years and are proud to say we are still going strong. We even still rent one of the original villas from 1984 although it has of course been much modernised since then. We have seen package holidays fall out of fashion, cheap air travel monopolise the industry (which is now going full circle and becoming not so cheap!) and of course the rise of websites that allow individuals to advertise their own villas, thus cutting out companies like The Villa Agency.

So are these changes for the better? Yes and no. European accommodation has become much more affordable which has to be a good thing but surely the internet is a double edged sword? This year we got almost weekly calls from poor souls who had paid their money to a private “owner” only to find out the villa didn’t exist, or it did exist but was next to a building site or that their identity and passport information had been stolen or cloned and the website in question taken down.

What do the next thirty years hold? We shall see. One thing I can guarantee is that I will have handed The Villa Agency over to younger blood and shall hopefully be sipping a gin and tonic in The Beefeater Carvery or it’s modern day equivalent.

Elvis has left the building…

In 1995 I popped into The Villa Agency’s office to ask a favour, I didn’t know how to use a computer and needed a typed CV. In exchange I did couple of odd jobs and returned occasionally to help out.

I met our Managing Director Karen Lippitt in a local restaurant (I had a regular night there singing with my guitar) and the girls from the office were in enjoying a mostly liquid dinner. By the end of the night Karen and her best friend Wendy had transformed themselves into the vanKanettes, were playing the spoons and enthusiastically singing along to ‘Losing My Religion’. Our friendships were sealed and a couple of years later so was my part time job at The Villa Agency.

Time flies when you’re having fun – it’s been 16 years. I never really expected I’d end up as General Manager of any company. I’d had my sights set on a record contract for so many years but I enjoyed the stability of a ‘proper job’ and as the years flew by my involvement with the company and knowledge of Portugal increased. Considering I didn’t even understand the mechanics of a word processor when I started I was now designing and publishing our annual brochure, updating our website on a daily basis and building relationships with our overseas travel partners. My responsibilities and loyalty increased and work didn’t feel like work with trips to the Algarve, Lisbon and Croatia as well as an office run by people I class as family.

My passion for music never waned and in 2010 I arranged a surprise birthday party for Karen in a Brighton hotel. I organised a pianist so that I could sing her favourite song ‘Just The Way You Look Tonight’.


That night I was asked to perform at a private party and the hotel  booked me for a monthly night. Just weeks later I sang at the launch of  Dermot O’Leary’s new restaurant, I performed for a charity event at the exclusive Club At The Ivy in London, and the Savile Row tailor Richard James hired me for the launch of his spring/summer collection. From these events came my regular twice monthly night at the world famous Savoy Hotel in London. For the last two years I have managed to run my music career alongside The Villa Agency quite successfully but gradually reduced my hours and at the end of this month will be leaving my desk job completely and starting my life as a full time musician with a trip to the Middle East to perform in Qatar and Oman.

I will still be working behind the scenes for www.thevillaagency.co.uk mostly on the technical side of things – the girls in the office reserve any IT work for the boys! So although I won’t be answering the phones or dealing with the day to day holiday stuff I am still very much a part of the fabric of this company that has become a bit of an institution to us all!

The Artist known as Matthew vanKan

Formerly know as ‘Generally the Manager’


Feel free to have a snoop around my website www.vankan.co.uk. You can follow my musical pursuits on Facebook www.facebook.com/matthewvankanmusic or Twitter www.twitter.com/matthewvankan

Our first post…

We are very excited to be publishing our first blog here at The Villa Agency. As this is our first post I thought I would tell you a little bit about us.


The Villa Agency has been around since 1984 and I have been running it for all that time.

Over the years we have had a remarkably low turnover of staff and Matthew, our General Manager (or Generally the Manager as he is affectionately known), has been here man and boy.

Sarah came to us as a school leaver then went off travelling and had a son but like a little homing pigeon she always comes back to “The Family” and is once again helping us out.

Ginnie popped in one day to help us stick some labels onto envelopes – back in the days when we put things in the post – and now runs our accounts department.

We really are almost family too (it gets a bit confusing):

Matthew and Ginnie are brother and sister, Matthew is my oldest friend and Ginnie’s son is my Godson.

Remarkably, there is never a cross word in the office – maybe because arranging people’s holidays is such a fun thing to do, we even socialise with each other and go on holiday together.

That’s us – a happy, contented bunch who love what we do.

Hopefully our future blogs will keep you amused, we might share some of our more bizarre requests from clients or might (in confidence of course) let you in on one or two of the stranger things that have gone on in our villas.

More soon,