Our first post…

We are very excited to be publishing our first blog here at The Villa Agency. As this is our first post I thought I would tell you a little bit about us.


The Villa Agency has been around since 1984 and I have been running it for all that time.

Over the years we have had a remarkably low turnover of staff and Matthew, our General Manager (or Generally the Manager as he is affectionately known), has been here man and boy.

Sarah came to us as a school leaver then went off travelling and had a son but like a little homing pigeon she always comes back to “The Family” and is once again helping us out.

Ginnie popped in one day to help us stick some labels onto envelopes – back in the days when we put things in the post – and now runs our accounts department.

We really are almost family too (it gets a bit confusing):

Matthew and Ginnie are brother and sister, Matthew is my oldest friend and Ginnie’s son is my Godson.

Remarkably, there is never a cross word in the office – maybe because arranging people’s holidays is such a fun thing to do, we even socialise with each other and go on holiday together.

That’s us – a happy, contented bunch who love what we do.

Hopefully our future blogs will keep you amused, we might share some of our more bizarre requests from clients or might (in confidence of course) let you in on one or two of the stranger things that have gone on in our villas.

More soon,