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My name is Ginnie and I have worked for The Villa Agency for many years.  I began in 2000 by popping in to help with some mail outs (basically sticking labels on envelopes!) having graduated from university and in the search for some extra work to pay off my student loan.  Little by little my role within the office grew from occasional label sticker to ‘Ticketing’ to ‘Reservations’ to my current role of running the ‘Accounts Department’!

 Quite a journey…

harWe are like a family here in the office and it is a lovely place to be on a day to day basis which is largely why I am still here.  During this time, I have also had a son, Harrison, who is now 5 years old.

He started school in September 2013 and my partner and I breathed a sigh of relief when the child care costs suddenly reduced massively having been a working mum since he was 3 months old.  We were in for a cruel reality check however as we had not considered the affect it would have on our holiday plans.

Like many others, we are now restricted to school holidays and I am genuinely shocked at the price hikes that occur the minute Harrison breaks up from school.  To add insult to injury, parents can now be fined £60.00 per child, per parent, if they take their children out during term-time

Now I work in travel so you would think I would have been fully aware of this beforehand but it was only when we started to plan our own family holiday that I realised the true implications of these restrictions.  Accommodation, flights, car hire; all are increased in peak season and when you add it all up, a summer holiday can be unaffordable for a family on an average income.

I would like to make things easier so I have pulled some strings with the boss (she HATES me calling her that!) and we have decided to offer a 10% discount on the villa rental on all family, peak season bookings made before 30th April 2014.  This offer is exclusively for groups with children between 5 & 16 who book a villa before 30th April for holidays that occur in peak season (i.e. the most expensive date range on each individual villa in July & August).  Just mention ‘MUM’ on your booking form to apply for your discount. * Lots of our villas are child friendly – feel free to ask us for our suggestions

We would also like to know what children look forward to the most when going on holiday.  If your child would like to draw us a picture of what makes a holiday special to them and send it to us when you make your booking, we will make sure there is a pool toy waiting for them in the villa on your arrival! We will publish the photos on our Facebook page and will send a prize to the artist who receives the most ‘likes’

I can’t change the travel industry but I can make it a little easier for our clients to have a villa holiday.

Us Mums should stick together after all!



*  Please note that this does not apply to villas already discounted.  Discount is on villa rental only. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.