5 Reasons To Choose A Villa Experience Over All-Inclusive Holidays

Dreaming of an affordable holiday with the freedom to customise your experience? It may be time to reconsider the allure of all-inclusive resorts. Recent research sheds light on the downsides of these seemingly hassle-free packages, often burdening travellers with unexpected expenses. Why settle for limitations and surprise costs when you can embrace the liberating benefits of a villa holiday? Let’s dive into the top reasons why villas stand head and shoulders above all-inclusive options, offering affordability, freedom, and a personalised experience that ensures your holiday is everything you wish for and more. 

True Cost Efficiency

Contrary to popular belief, all-inclusive holidays may not be the budget-friendly option they claim to be. Recent findings by CouponBirds reveal that over nine in 10 Brits overspend outside the resort’s inclusive offerings. The average extra expenses tally up to £336 per trip, with dinners, city tours, and excursions being the top three expenses.  

Meanwhile, villas can be more affordable than you think, often providing better value for money. When you opt for a villa, you’re not just paying for accommodation; you’re investing in an entire home. The cost is often more transparent, with fewer hidden fees that can accumulate during an all-inclusive stay. Villa rentals also allow you to split the cost among a group of friends or family, making it an even cheaper choice.  

Here at The Villa Agency, we promise competitive prices without sacrificing quality, and back it up with our Best Price Promise to ensure you get the best deal. Plus, all our villas have already been verified, and we are financially protected, which means your money is 100% safe. 

Foodie Freedom 

All-inclusive packages often fall short when it comes to flexible dining, evident in research highlighting that nearly half of Brits (49%) spend extra on food and drinks outside their resorts.  

With villa holidays, you’re the master of your gastronomic destiny. Explore local markets, cook up a storm in your private kitchen, and savour meals at your own pace – inside or alfresco. No more rigid dining schedules or limited food options; it’s all about crafting your dream holiday menu. Plus, we can help arrange a private chef or catered barbecue at your villa – talk about a holiday upgrade! 

Photo: Villa Harmony, Dubrovnik

A Private Oasis Away from Crowds

Privacy is the secret sauce to a perfect holiday. Who wants to spend their getaway queuing for a buffet or wrestling for a sun lounger at the crack of dawn? Not us! Step into the world of private villas, where your holiday vibe is all about relaxation, exclusivity, and a whole lot of fun. Your own private pool, undisturbed sunsets, and a space that’s exclusively yours. Forget crowded buffets and shared spaces; our villas are your haven to unwind without skimping on luxury. Plus, villas are often situated in unique and secluded locations, offering breathtaking views and a sense of serenity that’s hard to find in crowded resorts. This is particularly appealing to those travelling with adults or children who are differently abled or have hidden disabilities. Whatever your unique requirements are for your loved one, we can help find the perfect property for them, ensuring that everyone gets to relax and unwind. From beachfront properties to country retreats, you have the freedom to choose a location that resonates with your holiday vision. 

Photo: Moana 2, Mallorca

Tailored Experiences

All-inclusive’s handing you a set itinerary? Not our style. With villa holidays, it’s all about personalising your adventure. Discover hidden gems, soak up local culture, and take city tours and excursions tailored to your liking. Ditch the cookie-cutter holiday for an experience that’s personal to you. Need tips? We’re not just villa specialists; our local expertise goes beyond, offering personalised recommendations for activities, dining, and excursions. We can also help arrange flights, car hire, airport transfers and any special requests with ease. Think poolside massage, birthday cake delivery, balloons, bike hire, food tours, special equipment hire – the options are limitless, and nothing is too much trouble. Just let us know your requirements and we can take care of all your travel plans.   

Your Holiday Home from Home 

Opting for a villa rather than an all-inclusive escape introduces you to a realm of unmatched space and comfort, an experience holiday resorts often struggle to deliver. More than just a room, villas can boast many bedrooms, expansive living areas, and private gardens, creating an inviting, home-like atmosphere with benefits, ideal for families and friends. Plus, with extra amenities like private pools, terraces and game rooms, booking a villa ensures your holiday experience always feels like a luxury escape on your own terms! Planning a special occasion? Villas offer an intimate and exclusive setting, perfect for commemorating anniversaries, and birthdays, or even hosting weddings. 

Photo: Villa San Joan, Ibiza 

So, while all-inclusive holidays might seem like an easy choice, don’t forget to peek behind the curtain at the real costs. Villa holidays, with their pocket-friendly, liberating, private, and tailored experiences, could be the holiday game-changer you’ve been waiting for.  

As one of our clients said to us recently, “We always used to book all-inclusive hotels until the pandemic when we wanted something away from the crowds. We found The Villa Agency and don’t know why we never did it before! We LOVE villa holidays now and they are so much more affordable than we thought. We will never go back to all-you-can-eat buffets!” 

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