Holiday Villas in Porto, Portugal

Porto, also known as Oporto, is Portugal’s second-largest city, nestled along the scenic banks of the Douro River in the country’s northern region. 

Famous for its illustrious Port wine production, historic architecture, and UNESCO-recognised centre, Porto is bursting with vibrancy and charm, making it an excellent holiday destination for all the family. The cityscape is a kaleidoscope of colours, with intricate painted tiles known as azulejos embellishing churches, train stations, and various buildings.

The Douro River gracefully winds its way through the city, flowing beneath the iconic Dom Luís I Bridge, sharing tales of Porto’s rich history, particularly its pivotal role in wine production from the neighbouring Douro Valley vineyards.

As well as delicious Port wine, visitors will find traditional Portuguese food in many of Porto’s cafes and restaurants, such as Bolinhos de bacalhau (salt cod cakes) and Caldo verde (green soup). The Francesinha (Signature Porto Sandwich) is also worth a try! 

The city is easily walkable, with many main sights and attractions in the historic centre. Discover Porto’s heartbeat in key areas like the trendy Rua das Flores, where hip boutiques and quaint cafes collide, or the artsy district of Boavista with its modern charm. Don’t skip a visit to the Livraria Lello, a historical monument of Porto and the most beautiful bookstore in Portugal! From the bustling Mercado do Bolhão (a fresh produce market where you’ll also find restaurants, cafes, stores, and even live music events!), to the serene gardens of the Crystal Palace, every corner of Porto holds a story waiting to be shared. 

Our collection of family holiday villas in Porto provide the perfect accommodation for your stay, offering comfort, privacy, and convenience. Whether you’re seeking a villa for two with a private pool or a large villa for a family gathering, we have options available to suit your needs. Imagine enjoying a relaxing swim in your own private pool or sipping a glass of the region’s famous Port wine on the terrace of your villa!

Explore our Porto holiday villas to rent below or simply get in touch today with your requirements and let us help create your dream villa holiday in Portugal today!

Things we love…
“Porto is the perfect size to explore by foot. Guests will love wandering down the alleyways full of history and nostalgia, or strolling across the famous Dom Luís I Bridge before sampling some of the delicious local Port wine!”

Things to be aware of…
“While the cobbled streets add character to Porto’s historic neighbourhoods, they can be challenging for those with mobility concerns. Navigating the city involves hills and uneven surfaces, which might pose difficulties for individuals with limited mobility or those pushing strollers. We recommend you wear comfortable footwear when exploring the city.”

 – Ginnie, Managing Director

Featured Villas in Porto

Villa Calvario
Porto Region

From: £1645 per week

Bedrooms: 3 | Sleeps: 7

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Villa Barros
Porto Region

From: £2037 per week

Bedrooms: 5 | Sleeps: 10

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Villa Veiga
Porto Region

From: £2198 per week

Bedrooms: 6 | Sleeps: 12

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Villa Antiga
Porto Region

From: £2996 per week

Bedrooms: 3 | Sleeps: 8

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Villa Antiga II
Porto Region

From: £3493 per week

Bedrooms: 4 | Sleeps: 11

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Villa Marco
Porto Region

From: £3696 per week

Bedrooms: 6 | Sleeps: 12

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Quinta Pinhao
Porto Region

From: £4690 per week

Bedrooms: 4 | Sleeps: 8

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Villa Vineyard
Porto Region

From: £6797 per week

Bedrooms: 5 | Sleeps: 12

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Best Places To Visit in Porto

Douro Valley 

When visiting Porto, it’s well worth spending a few days exploring Douro Valley and discovering the vineyards from where Port originates. A scenic four-hour drive east of the city transports you into a realm where lush vineyards blanket the countryside, offering a serene contrast to the fast-paced city.

There are small rural towns and villages that have grown around the Port trade, such as the pretty riverside town of Pinhão, which still has a very traditional feel. Many quintas (wine estates) offer intimate tours, inviting you to see what goes into making the different varieties of Port and other wines. 

The best way to fully experience the Douro Valley is to rent a car to visit several quintas – most offer a one-hour tour, followed by a tasting of several wines. 

Ready for a luxury villa in Porto? We offer a wide range of holiday homes in the Douro River area, and our friendly team are on hand to help find the right one for your Douro Valley holiday. 

Minho Region

The Minho Region, situated in the far northwest of Portugal, derives its name from the River Minho, which serves as the natural border with Spain. Considered the birthplace of Portugal, the region is an area of outstanding natural beauty with mountains, vineyards, river valleys and a dramatic Atlantic coastline known as the Costa Verde (Green Coast).

Minho is one of Portugal’s finest wine regions and is responsible for vinho verde (green wine), a young wine with a fresh, fruity flavour that pairs well with Portuguese dishes.

Immerse yourself in the charm of its towns, such as Braga, where ancient cathedrals and cobblestone streets tell tales of centuries past, and Guimarães, where mediaeval castles and well-preserved architecture transport you to a different time. The lush greenery of the Peneda-Gerês National Park is well worth a visit with the family, offering hiking trails, serene lakes, and a haven for diverse flora and fauna.

The Minho Region is approximately 60 miles from Porto, and day tours can be arranged from the city. If you’d prefer to spend a few days in this luscious part of Portugal, we have a range of private villas in the Minho Region – simply let us know your requirements and let us find the perfect holiday villa in Porto for you.

What To Do in Porto

Porto effortlessly blends history, culture, and modern vibrancy, and there’s an array of captivating experiences awaiting every visitor. Begin your journey by exploring the UNESCO-listed historic centre, where charming alleyways lead to architectural marvels like the Clerigos Tower and the Livraria Lello. Meander along the iconic Ribeira district, where colourful facades line the Douro River, creating a postcard-perfect scene. Don’t miss a relaxing river cruise to witness Porto’s skyline from the water before heading back to relax at your Porto villa with pool.

For wine enthusiasts, a visit to the historic wine cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia is a must, offering a delightful exploration of Porto’s famed Port wine. Wander through the bustling Mercado do Bolhão, where vibrant stalls showcase the region’s fresh produce and local flavours. Take a moment of tranquillity in the lush gardens of the Crystal Palace, or ascend to the viewpoints of Miradouro da Vitória for panoramic vistas. 

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Beaches in Porto

While Porto is renowned for its historic charm, it also offers a delightful escape to sun-soaked beaches along the nearby Atlantic coastline. 

Foz do Douro, an upscale district of Porto, boasts pristine sandy shores where the Douro River meets the ocean. Locals and visitors alike flock to Matosinhos Beach, known for its golden sands and excellent surfing conditions. For a tranquil retreat, explore the quieter beaches further north, like Labruge, where serene landscapes and fresh sea air provide a perfect respite. 

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Family Activities in Porto

Porto is a great place for family getaways and offers several engaging activities for all ages on your Porto family holiday! 

Enjoy a day out at World of Discoveries, an interactive museum that brings Portugal’s Age of Discovery to life, featuring hands-on exhibits and a captivating boat ride. The Sea Life Porto aquarium is another family favourite, where kids can marvel at underwater wonders and learn about marine life conservation. Or, why not take a scenic cable car ride from Gaia to the Dom Luís I Bridge and panoramic views of the city and river below?

For outdoor fun, head to the lush Serralves Park, where families can enjoy picnics, explore art installations, and let the little ones roam in the playground. The Livraria Lello, often referred to as the most beautiful bookstore in Portugal, sparks the imagination with its enchanting interior. Or, consider a boat cruise along the Douro River, providing a relaxing family adventure while taking in the city’s picturesque skyline.

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