Best Beaches in Mallorca

Mallorca, with its rugged coastline and tucked-away coves, is a treasure trove of some of Europe’s most stunning beaches. With over 50 km of pristine white sands and hidden rocky shores, Mallorca offers a beach experience tailored to every preference – whether you’re seeking child-friendly spots, romantic hideaways, secluded natural gems, or vibrant coastal towns. Unlike its party-centric counterpart, Ibiza, Mallorca opts for a more laid-back approach, embracing the allure of daytime beach clubs, where you can sip on refreshing drinks, sway to music, and soak in the chilled seaside atmosphere. Whether you’re unwinding on a sun-lounger with a cool beverage, indulging in grilled fish at a charming chiringuito, or simply basking in the beauty of white sands against the azure Mediterranean sea, Mallorca has something special in store for you. So, join us as we explore the best beaches in Mallorca for your next holiday getaway!

Es Trenc

Es Trenc stands as the largest unspoiled beach on the island, stretching over 3.5 km of pristine white sand and turquoise waters. Popular among both locals and tourists, this beach offers a Caribbean-like ambience that you won’t want to miss! While amenities are limited, two beach bars provide refreshments and music, adding to the laid-back atmosphere. Despite its popularity, Es Trenc’s natural beauty remains untouched, making it a must-visit destination for beach enthusiasts. Bear in mind that it can get rather crowded in the high season, particularly at the weekend. Free parking is limited, but paid parking is also available. 

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Es Trenc mallorca_Best Beaches in Mallorca

Photo: Es Trenc Beach

Playa d’Alcudia

Situated near the mediaeval town of Alcúdia, Playa d’Alcudia is Mallorca’s longest beach, offering a perfect retreat for families. With its shallow, crystal-clear waters and soft white sand, this curving 3 km stretch provides an ideal space for children. Facilities such as showers and changing rooms are available on this bustling Blue Flag beach (Mallorca has a total of 25), ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable beach experience for all. There are playgrounds at the beach, plenty of water sports activities, and many beach restaurants. It is very popular and well-visited, but there is also plenty of room to make your own. A wooden boardwalk leads to restaurants and bars, but this is no party beach; there’s a pleasantly low-key atmosphere even on high-summer days, and the generous expanse of sand means it rarely feels crowded.

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Playa d’Alcudia_Best Beaches in Mallorca

Photo: Playa d’Alcudia Beach

Cala Mondrago

Tucked in the splendid Mondrago Natural Park on the southeast coast, this cove is a favourite for its fine white sands and its beautiful backdrop of pines. Cala Mondrago epitomises the harmony between natural beauty and convenience, creating a serene oasis for beachgoers. Despite its easy accessibility, Cala Mondrago retains its unspoiled charm, offering visitors a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle. With amenities such as beach bars and sun lounger rentals available, you can enjoy the best of both worlds amidst breathtaking surroundings. It’s well protected inside a rocky bay so there are calm waters for little ones to enjoy. It offers a few basic amenities, such as a beach-bar chiringuito and a parasol and hammock rental service. A car park lies just six minutes’ walk from the sand.

Need more peace? Walk the 400m along the coast to the less-frequented but equally beautiful Cala S’Amarador.

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Cala Mondrago mallorca

Photo: Cala Mondrago Beach

S’Amarador Beach

Located within the Mondrago Natural Park, S’Amarador Beach offers a secluded retreat surrounded by pristine landscapes. As part of the nature reserve, this beach boasts natural sand dunes, forests, and rocky coves, providing the perfect setting for relaxation. With its calm, shallow waters and expansive sands, S’Amarador is a great spot for families and nature lovers alike. While access is limited to a car, the journey is well worth it for a day of unwinding in paradise. S’Aramador has previously been elected best beach in Europe so it’s not one to miss!

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S’Amarador Beach Mallorca

Photo: S’Aramador Beach

Cala Formentor  

Set against the backdrop of the Formentor peninsula, Cala Formentor charms visitors with its narrow strip of golden sands and crystal-clear waters. Surrounded by pine trees and offering stunning views of the Bay of Pollensa, this beach provides a dreamy setting for sunbathing and swimming. Whether arriving by boat or car, you’ll be treated to breathtaking scenery and tranquil surroundings. With its mountain backdrop, it may look wild, but there are lifeguards and sun loungers, and the beach bars offer drinks and snacks.

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Cala Formentor in Mallorca

Photo: Cala Formentor Beach

Calo del Moro Beach

This is known by many as one of the best beaches in Mallorca – and for good reason. Renowned for its natural beauty and calm waters, Es Calo del Moro is a hidden gem tucked away in a picturesque bay on the eastern side of the island. Fine white sands dip down into shallow waters, and the rocky cliffs keep the waters completely calm. The path from the car park takes you down among the red cliffs on steps cut into the stone. Despite its small size (just 40m long!), Es Calo del Moro is a wonderful bay. Unfortunately, it is often very crowded during the high season, and there are no facilities so be prepared beforehand.

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Es Calo des Moro Beach

Photo: Calo des Moro Beach

Cala Deià

Accessible via a winding road from the village of Deià, Cala Deià welcomes visitors with its pebble beach and peaceful ambience. Formerly a fishing port, this idyllic cove now attracts a diverse crowd of travellers seeking relaxation and natural beauty. With its clear waters and wooded backdrop, Cala Deià offers a serene escape from the crowds, making it a favourite among locals and tourists alike. You can reach it by car (although parking is tricky in the high season), or enjoy a 30-minute stroll from the village down through olive groves until you see the aquamarine waters unfold in front of you. Protected by cliffs, this curve of pebbles is lapped by calm waters and there are even  two rustic-looking chiringuito beach bars serving up fresh fish.

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Cala Deià in Mallorca

Photo: Cala Deià Beach

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