The 5 Best Things to do in Pollenca, Mallorca

Pollenca (also known as Pollensa) is in the north of Mallorca, just 50 minutes from the airport and unimaginably stunning.  Sapphire blue sea, vibrant, green countryside and the magical mountain backdrop make this a popular destination for families and groups of friends wanting to enjoy a relaxed vibe in stunning surroundings. Here are our top 5 things to do in Pollenca.

1. Mirador de Es Colomer

Snake up the mountain from Port de Pollenca towards Cap de Formentor, a very popular spot for visitors at the northernmost point of Mallorca.  On the way and almost at the top, you reach a parking area with a small cafe kiosk and quite possibly the best views on the island! Untouched coastline curves around the impossibly blue, endless ocean and there are walkways and viewpoints where you can stop, take photos and breathe in the sensational views and sea air.

Mirador de Es Colomer

2. Formentor Beach

Once you have taken in the views of Mirador de Es Colomer, you can wind your way back down to the other side of the mountain to reach Formentor Beach.  This unspoilt and natural beach is cocooned by green hills on either side making this a particularly sheltered spot with crystal clear waters and calm surf.  There are some facilities including restaurants, a luxurious hotel and conveniences but the emphasis here is on relaxation and enjoying nature in an unrivalled setting.  You might be tempted to keep this discovery to yourself once you have experienced its magic!

3. Calvari Steps 

Through the cobbled streets of Pollenca you will find the bottom of the Calvari steps – 365 of them!  They sound daunting but they are actually shallow and gradual and well worth the effort.  As you reach the top, you are greeted by a tiny chapel – Hermitage of Calvary.  Turn the corner and you are rewarded with breathtaking views right across Pollenca to the northernmost point of Formentor.

4. Celler La Parra  

There are so many wonderful restaurants in the area serving lots of different cuisines but, if you want to try some traditional Mallorcan dishes, you will get a very warm welcome at Cellar La Parra in Port de Pollenca. Originally a wine cellar, it is a rustic setting with charismatic staff and delicious food using wood fired ovens and authentic recipes.  They also have a good selection of local wines and can help you choose depending on your tastes and budget.  We enjoyed roast lamb and suckling pig Mallorcan style and their local, family produced house wine, and ate every last morsel!  We recommend booking ahead as it is popular with the locals and tourists alike which is testament to their authentic approach.

5. Cala San Vicente  

Just a few minutes drive from Pollenca you will find the romantic and pretty beach resort of Cala San Vicente.  There are 3 small coves here with clear waters and a stunning mountain backdrop from the Tramuntana Mountain Range.  It has a relaxing atmosphere with some luxury hotels and a variety of restaurants and shops.  We have some gorgeous villas with private swimming pools just a few minutes walk from the beach. These are an excellent choice for those who prefer to venture out on foot most days, whilst still being close to everything that nearby Pollenca or Port de Pollenca have to offer.

We have a growing portfolio of properties in this area, from traditional Mallorcan fincas to modern villas and smart townhouses in the centre of things.  Just let us know your budget and requirements and we will send you a handpicked selection of properties to suit you.  We LOVE talking about villas, locations, beaches and restaurants. It is our passion and we are always happy to share our own experience of the areas and properties to ensure you make the right choice.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Ginnie and The Villa Agency team (also known as holiday enthusiasts!)